Your 2017 Fringe Venue Bucket List

Your 2017 Fringe Venue Bucket List

It’s the most exciting time of the year to be in Adelaide – during February and March for the Adelaide Fringe Festival! With plenty of places to eat, drink, see a show and be entertained by all that the season has to offer, we’ve broken down our top 5 picks for the venues to should visit at least once this year. For our list of every BarCentral-listed venue to host Fringe shows in 2017, click here.

Photos via Vale Bar on Facebook.


Rhino Room

13 From Street, Adelaide
Open Saturdays from 9pm-6am

Let’s start with a classic! The Rhino Room (along with shared venue-mates, the Howling Owl and Urban Cow Studios) has always been a popular choice during the Adelaide Fringe, drawing in a casual and artistic crowd – mostly uni students and twenty-somethings. Its best enjoyed for the many comedy variety shows hosted, where you’ll laugh yourself off your chair to people you’ve never heard of! As you probably know at this point, the mutli-venue site is soon to knocked down to make room for new apartment buildings – so sadly, 2017 is most likely the final year the Fringe will be coming to the Rhino Room. Enjoy it while you can…

Vale Bar

Ebenezer Place, Adelaide (outside the Belgian Beer Cafe) 
Open daily

While not technically a “Fringe venue”, Vale Bar raises a glass to the many awesome outdoor pop-ups that graced Adelaide between 2012 and 2014. Returning for a third year, you’ll find this casual space outside of the Belgian Beer Cafe, with a boutique pop-up beer garden. During the stint you can try full range from Vale Brewing and Fox Hat, two of the greatest local booze labels that are mostly unheard of – but some of South Australia’s best. Stop by for an after-work drink or enjoy one before moving on to the close-by Garden and Gluttony for a show.

Producers Hotel

235 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
Open daily from 8:30am; extended trading hours during the Fringe Festival

Often a big player during the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the Producers Hotel have really upped their game in 2017 to bring in their biggest line-up yet! Over the short 4 week festival, The Producers will play host to 70 acts across 5 stages – mostly comedy, with a bunch of showcases and late-night specials to choose from. Making the venue even more attractive, they will feature some great drink specials to get you through the show breaks (and potentially some of the less-entertaining acts). Only a few steps from The Garden and Gluttony, its close to all the Fringe action – but still far enough to take you from the hustle ‘n bustle of the East End at this time of year.

Tuxedo Cat

141 King William Street, Adelaide (pop-up behind the GPO)

In a similar situation to the Rhino Room, Tuxedo Cat were recently kicked out of their established home – forcing them to take solace with a new pop-up venue behind the GPO (Australia Post – Adelaide GPO Post Shop) on King William Street. This could bring the future of the Tuxedo Cat into question, so Adelaide: you better make 2017 their biggest year yet, if you want them to reopen again in 2018. The Tuxedo Cat is an icon of the Fringe Festival and gives you a more authentic experience than some of the other venues. There will be more than 20 different acts appearing and you can usually get away with spending less on your tickets when compared to some of the larger pop-ups, so that’s always a bonus!

Royal Croquet Club

Pinky Flat, North Adelaide
Open Tuesday-Thursday ’til 1am, Friday-Saturday ’til 3am & Sunday ’til 1am

Okay, so this is a predictable one! 99.9% of Fringe-goers have probably visited the Royal Croquet Club in the past, and 99.9% of Fringe-goers will probably head there again this year. But we thought its worth noting thanks to its new home at Pink Flat. The new space has given the pop-up bar the flexibility to host more live music and close later – 1am most nights, with a 3am closing time on Fridays and Saturdays. They’re bringing in their best line-up of guest musicians yet, including Flight Facilities, Tkay Maidza, The Aston Shuffle and The Delta Riggs. You’d be crazy to not pop in to this pop-up at least once!