A Wine Lovers Guide

A Wine Lovers Guide

If you love your wine then you probably know of most the great little wine bars around town. Coming from such a world renown wine state, it is a little surprising that the choice of dedicated wine bars is quite small, and it’s interesting that a lot of the wine served in these venues is not local produce. The below guide is not just about the wine – although crucial, it is a list of places I feel offer a good section of wine in a great environment. After all, isn’t that part of the experience of enjoying a good glass? It must also be known that, whilst I have tried to remain in partial for both red and white, I much prefer a good glass of red!

If you’re looking for something different and off the shelf in a boutique, rustic venue, check out the new East End Cellars, Cantina Sociale and Udaberri. Cantina specialises in wine that you possibly can’t buy anywhere else and is not available on a shelf, but is served straight from the barrel. Udaberri, on the other hand, specialises in a range of Spanish and overseas wines.

For those that want a large selection to choose from the dedicated and aptly named, The New Wine Underground and Street ADL (formerly Universal Wine Bar) will offer just that, with substantial lists to choose from.

The more upmarket and recently reopened Gallery on Waymouth is a top little spot to enjoy a glass. The rooftop terrace to boot is a bonus!

Cork Wine Cafe, The Apothecary and Casablabla also offer a diverse range of wines, both white and red, from local and abroad producers, including many you may not have heard of.

With the recent new laws being passed on liquor licensing, hopefully many more boutique wine bars begin to open around Adelaide, so us wine lovers get to experience and enjoy a whole new range of tastes and flavours.