Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

When planning a Girls Night out there are so many variables to consider when choosing your venues.

To start with there’s:

  • Closeness to home (taxi fees)?
  • Do they make awesome cocktails and made-to-order shots?
  • What type of guys will be there?
  • Entry fees and long lines?
  • And most importantly… Is there a D-floor?

Your first step is to choose a specific location. Guys bar hop, girls aren’t too keen on wearing in their heels if it’s not for dancing. So for the sake of this article I have chosen my two GNO destinations – east end or west end of the city.

Choosing the east end means you’re up for some good quality alcoholic beverages to suit the good quality men you could be mingling with. Bbegin your night in a booth at Fumo Blu (that little doorway to the right of Scoozi with way too many bouncers). Here you can order some of the best cocktails and shots you’ll ever have in a classy down-lit environment. It’s a great venue to get you in the mood for the night ahead. You’re next stop, depending on how killer your sky-highs are, should either be Distill (right next to Fumo Blu) or further up the Mall at First Bar: Richmond Hotel. With Distill, you’re up for funky tunes and more amazing cocktails;,where as Richmond Hotel is that little bit grander, with a bigger D-floor and (let’s face it) nicer bartenders! Richmond’s downside is that it closes at around 12:30am, so for those ladies who want to make the most of their night and outfit (and if you’ve had enough to drink so you can bear it), then you can always walk all the way back down to the good ol’ Stag. Squashy and messy as it may be, their DJs always provide the most energetic beats to shake your thing to.

East End

  • Fumo Blu
  • Distill
  • Richmond Hotel
  • Stag

The west end is for the ladies like myself whose priority is #1 Dance, followed by #2 Drinks – we have to get our priorities in order before we even descend on our outings! On this side of town it’s always nice to start out in the atmospheric and cultural Casablabla. Amazing drinks, interesting decor, candlelit booths and some latin beats to get your blood pumping. Then (depending how long you’re willing to wait in a line) your final destination next choices should be Rocket or Zhivago – both are not too far to walk from Casablabla. Zhivago is your place if you’re a lover of RnB, while Rocket is for those who like a bit of everything (60s, indie, funk, pop… you name it). One tip for Zhivago: if you’re going to wear a white dress, make sure your confidence is off the charts and the dress is clean, because they love their UV lighting in that place… Eek!

West End

  • Casablabla
  • Rocket
  • Zhivago
  • Uda-berri

Happy dancing ladies!