Glenelg Pub Crawl

Glenelg Pub Crawl

If you want something a bit different, a very underrated pub crawl is the Glenelg Pub Crawl, featuring a diverse range of pubs with some great seaside scenery to boot. We recommend starting at the top of Jetty Road and working your way towards the beach, but you want to finish a little earlier and kick on back into town on surrounding venues nearby, you may want to try this in reverse. Again we would recommend, as with any pub crawl – a theme (see North Adelaide Pub Crawl for suggestions) as it will add more interest to the night rather than just ticking off pubs for the sake of it. The first pub, The Holdy, underwent renovations not too long ago and now regularly feature live music acts and some great cocktail jugs – best enjoyed in the spacious beer garden. It is the furthest distance between Glenelg’s pubs, which is always good to get out of the way early.

The walk to the Broadway Hotel is approximately 10 minutes through quiet side streets. This place hasn’t changed in years and is reflection on the old ’60s and ’70s decor. The place is chilled and often combines live music with a mixed crowd.

Then head back towards the hub of Glenelg and the edge of Moseley Square, where you’ll find the Jetty Bar, followed by The Moseley and the Grand Bar. Now, depending on the night, this is where you may like to base yourself, as The Grand is an Adelaide icon and regularly the best bar and club in Glenelg – it has awesome tunes and great drink specials, whilst overlooking the beach and water with a crowd always looking to have fun. However, we would recommend The Moseley which has a vibe that you simply can’t beat!

On the other hand, if you’re a bit tired and hungry by this point, we recommend moving on to the more relaxed Oyster Bar as part of the Holfast Shores Marina complex. As you would hope from such a venue, the oysters are a must-try. So fresh!

Photos via The Moseley’s website.