North Adelaide Pub Crawl

North Adelaide Pub Crawl

One thing you’ll notice when embarking on a North Adelaide pub crawl is the size of this suburb and how much walking is required between some of the pubs in this upmarket part of Adelaide. As a result, it can take many hours to cover them all, even if only ordering one drink at each venue. This means that some are closed (or as good as) by the time you get to them or a rather large consumption of alcohol.

Therefore, we have broken the list of pubs and bars into an essential and a complete list for those that have the time or stomach to visit all. We have also left off a couple that aren’t quite the pub crawl-type venues and left you with the absolute must see’s for the area.

The first recommendation for a truly fun North Adelaide pub crawl is to create a theme for the night; some suggestions could include odd shoe, top hat, Scattergories Dice, Alphabet Pub Crawl and drinks beginning with the first letter of the pubs name. I have heard of a wheelchair pub crawl and would love to see this one day.

Now that you have your theme, it’s time to work out which pubs you’ll visit and start at (we have based this on one drink per venue)! We recommend commencing the crawl at the Caledonian Hotel and include a feed to start the night off – it’s quiet, easy to get served and there’s generally plenty of seating available for the meal. After all, depending on your theme, it could be a very big night! After your drink and meal, move on to the Royal Oak – this venue will be busier and has a diverse crowd, so you may not love it here, but it’s on the way as you make your way down O’Connell Street. The next pub should be The Oxford, before moving onto the North Adelaide Hotel (formerly, the Daniel O’Connell) – by this time, you’ll probably be starting to tick over. The live music on select nights are perfect for the odd request or two (often Holy Grail or Wonderwall).

Continue down Tynte Street and make a left around the corner until you find The Wellington – it features a good selection of beers on tap for your theme, and a pool table and TAB to suit those who have a competitive edge. Then it’s back along Archer Street to The Archer (quiet compared to a Saturday night, but still one of the busier pubs in North Adelaide if you’re conducting your crawl on a Friday). Follow that with one of the newer spots, the Curious Squire – which offers a nice distinction from the historic venues you would have already visited by this time.

You are then left with a decision to make on your next pub of choice: head south and visit the quiet streets of the Queens Head Hotel and then the Cathedral Hotel, or head left towards Melbourne Street. Again, this all depends on the time and how the group is feeling. If you’re like me and your friends are ticking over well, they will be in need of some more energy and perhaps female company, so one or two more pubs before town maybe enough. But for those wanting to try as many pubs in North Adelaide as they can we recommend you head to The British, followed by The Lion to end your big night.

Pubs not mentioned in this article but potential replacements could be The Kentish and the Lord Melbourne, both based in the Melbourne Street precinct of North Adelaide and potential starting pubs if you wish to reverse the order by starting here and finishing on O’Connell Street.