Quiet Little Gems

Quiet Little Gems

When I was asked to submit an article for Bar Central, I wanted to offer an informed opinion on something a bit different. I’m the kind of person who likes to get off the beaten track and explore the road less traveled. So, if you’re a bit like me, here are a few hidden gems that you may like if you’re not looking for mainstream bars and the large crowds that follow:

For wine lovers, Mother Vine often comes to mind – but most don’t acknowledge the equally fantastic (and often quieter) East End Cellars and neighbour, The Tasting Room. Just across the street from Mother Vine and under the same ownership, these two offer a far more extensive selection of wines – and it’s perfect if you’ve ever found a bottle that you’d love to buy, but don’t know where to purchase.

You might also try the relatively new venue, Hula Hoop – especially if you’re one who likes to get out of the city. A picturesque and charming little wine bar located in the eastern suburbs, it has a great intimate and friendly feel. Its also one of the locations you can enjoy a glass without the pretentiousness that often comes with some of the CBD wine bars.

For slightly more alternative crowds, La Boheme is a French provincial and rustic (European style) venue and is always a nice little place to escape and enjoy a quieter drink amongst friends within an incredible themed bar setting.

Finally, Udaberri and Clever Little Tailor are more well known but worth a mention; simply put, they’re both great. While more popular and crowded than some of the spots mentioned above, they’re amongst the must-see small bars in Adelaide and have kept that sterling reputation for quite a few years now.

Photos via Hula Hoop on Facebook and Instagram.