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Atlantis Lounge Bar

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Last Updated: March 14, 2018

Atlantis Lounge Bar opened at the former premises of Garage Bar in mid-16 with an entirely outrageous concept, inspired by American nightlife. As the name would suggest, Atlantis features an underwater theme, complete with a commercial aquarium (tipped to be the second largest of it’s kind in Australia) that includes ‘mermaid’ water dancers. You’ll also find the “world’s largest” Agate bar worth almost half a million dollars, plus a large outdoor entertaining space and an exceptional selection of French champagnes for those extra special occasions.

Originally launched as a lounge for Adelaide’s elite, Atlantis have somewhat toned down their image since opening and now cater to what their core patronage of 18 to 20-somethings want – with regular house DJs, RnB, Bump & Grind and music tribute nights, birthday packages and discounts and celebrations for hens nights and bucks shows. Whatever the occasion, you can book a private booth with a hostess, table service and an exclusive spot just for your group.

Opening hours

  • Mon Closed
  • Tues Closed
  • Wed Closed
  • Thurs Closed
  • Fri 10:00 PM - 5:00 AM
  • Sat 9:00 PM - 5:00 AM
  • Sun Closed


Well they are obviously ignoring the wishes of 100,000 people.
I hope young people these days have more sense than to be “peer pressured” into this bullshit.


Congratulations on your new and exciting endeavour. Everything sounds wonderful except the idea to commit two hammerhead sharks to a life of cruelty. These mammals need space and freedom and I am sure you will find that your new cliental who are probably very intelligent, professional people will NOT be impressed by your disregard for animal welfare. I beg you to reconsider using any kind of live animal, mammal or bird as an attraction. I think you will find that most people are now very attuned to the protection of wildlife. I sincerely hope you will put your very imaginative brain to use and come up with some very novel idea not using anything alive.
I wish you much good luck in your endeavour.
Sincerely, Claudia Davies
Dorval, Quebec, Canada.


Are you seriously comparing your aquarium with SeaWorld? The animal cruelty displayed there is appalling and you want to emulate that in your wine bar? Animals are not for your entertainment. I would not want to share a space with the sort of people who operate/ attend this sort of establishment. Please reconsider.


predicting a massive boycott of this one