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Prohibition Liquor Co

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Last Updated: January 16, 2019

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Function Centre / Bar / New
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21-25 / 25-35
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The Prohibition Liquor Co and Tasting Room is the first of its kind to launch in Adelaide and we are super excited about it. For every Gin lover, this is an absolute must try – produced and dispatched around the world, you can taste and buy directly from the gin makers. The Prohibition Tasting Room is located on Gilbert Street, where the owner, Adam Carpenter, distills a range of unique small-batch spirits for people’s tasting pleasure. Their gin has been a winner of more than 14 international awards and has also captured the hearts of gin lovers from far and near.

The tasting room gives guests the ability to create their own version of a Gin and Tonic with a range of spirits, interactive garnishes and mixers. With extensive behind-the-scenes knowledge of spirit creation, guests will learn about the rich history of gin while enjoying the process along the way with local antipasto platters, cheese and dip platters… yum!

Prohibition Liquor Co is taking the world by storm and will only be growing from this point on.

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